Creative Direction & Animation Direction

Produced by We Are Royale

HARDEN AS ODDITY : This spot was created to mark the release of the first James Harden namesake shoe from Adidas. As any basketball fan knows, Harden is an oddity on the court. He's proud to buck the status quo and shake things up whenever he can. When approaching what in essence is a product superiority piece, we decided the standard formula (beauty-shot of the shoe on a turn-table with a tech call-out) wouldn't do the man, or the BEARD, the justice deserved. Of course, we still had to the show the product in all it's glory.

The solution was to replace the run-of-the-mill turntable shoot with elegant high-speed photography of the shoe tumbling through air. We then played with ramping the footage back an forth to give that slightly unsettling vibe. To further that effect we created an off-kilter floating turntable setup, where the shoe's center of balance makes it feel more ominous and odd.

And then of course, there's the data-moshing. Like Harden disrupting opposing defenses, we disrupted the hell out of the 1's and 0's within those video files. To achieve the effect, we edited together a mix of hand-made glitch effects with legit versions of the spot we digitally stripped away. The result is an authentic moshed vibe because... it's really jacked!

On set with the practical, flickering, fluorescent tube rig.